IMAC services

BV Grupa offers time and materials based IMAC (installation move add change) services to the customers infrastructure. This includes: rearrangements to the server room or single racks installation and decomissioning of servers, switches/hubs, power supply and…

IT Support outsourcing

Our Clients use a few main types of outsourcing: Outsourcing of the whole IT infrastructure. At this level we additionally offer consulting services at CIO level (head of IT department) – within the service ‘CIO for hours’. In such cases companies frequently…

24h Polish nationwide IT support service

BV Serwis is a company specializing in 24h support services and maintenance of IT infrastructure of her Clients on the territory of Poland. We provide outsourcing services, support IT departments of our Clients by means of extending their possibilities or…

Storage media data destruction

BV Serwis provides services of destroying data storage media such as hard drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. Our services of safe utilization of data storage media involve the physical destruction of the data storage medium ensuring data destruction level in…

Hardware decomissioning

BV Serwis is providing deinstallation and decomissioning services for it’s customers. The services include: proper deinstallation of the hardware from the server racks avoiding influence to other hardware and systems destruction of the data on the disks/tapes…

IT Audits

Because of our experience we have gained while serving big, Enterprise market companies, when we think of IT we think about overall cost and investment turnover as well as counting business advantages of IT systems. We offer IT audits which mean evaluating the…

Reducing the costs of IT maintenance

We offer an extensive t&m or success fee based overview of the IT infrastructure maintenance costs in a company including maintenance of the internet connections, applications, servicing, cost of the materials. After the overview we discuss with the customer’s…

Maintenance services catalog

Below are presented details concerning BV Systemy company’s offer in a form of permanent maintenance contracts. Computer network supervision Network maintenance, Controlling the correctness of computer network functioning, Configuration and administration of…

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IT support packages

It support packages are in fact packages of support services (see Services section of the page) available in three main variants:

  • time and materials based packages
  • fixed price for package with time limit (additional work based on t&m basis)
  • fixed price insurance type services with unlimmited access to specialists


Do not hire an IT specialist

Allow us to worry and care about the IT infrastructure in your company. This solution will help minimalise the costs of employing an IT specialist and is bound to ensure easier access to a team of specialists having and extensive knowledge and years of experience. Our IT outsourcing offer is a lot less expensive solution to support an IT infrastructure. Our specialists are fully dedicated to you, they never get sick leave, they don’t go on holiday just to make sure that your IT systems are constantly fully operational. The cost of hiring and a constant training of a specialist is much more expensive than collaboration with us. If you decide to assign all the tasks related to IT to our company, you will be able to fully focus on managing your company.


To deliver a constant IT care we offer a systematic monitoring of the IT infrastructure functioning, dealing with breakdowns, an immediate reaction in critical situations, substitute equipment and remote support.  Regardless of the amount of the problems we commit ourselves to solve them within the monthly lump sum payment.

  • Equipment and software check-up
  • Dealing with the hardware problems
  • Fixing additional office equipment
  • Periodic software and hardware conservation and maintenance
  • Server, network and Internet access management
  • Data security copies
  • Postal accounts management
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus prevention
  • Hardware and software stocktaking
  • New software and hardware purchase advisory
  • Preferential prices of the hardware


Constant supervision over the entire IT structure guarantees reliability and security of a company’s IT systems, which, in turn, exerts a positive effect on a smooth functioning of a company. After any breakdown or unexpected failure, it is advisable to have an access to a team of specialists with a guaranteed reaction span and the substitute equipment waiting.


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