About us

BV Serwis is a part of BV Grupa company specialised in new infrastructural IT technologies . BV Systemy has been on the IT market since 1995.  The company’s activity concentrates on a comprehensive technical support and IT advisory for small medium-sized enterprises.

In order to provide a constant IT care we systematically monitor IT infrastructure functioning, we deal with breakdowns, immediately react in critical situations, we provide substitute equipment  and  remote support. Regardless of the amount of the problems we commit ourselves to solve them within the monthly lump sum payment. A constant supervision over entire IT structure guarantees reliability and security of a company’s IT systems, which positively affects the functioning of a company and ensures that it is run smoothly. After any breakdown or unexpected problems it is good to remain under protection and care of a team of specialists as well as have a guaranteed reaction time and substitute equipment waiting.

When it comes to the IT systems service we deliver comprehensive system solutions based on MS Windows NT/2000, MS BackOffice and UNIX/Linux. In order to ensure the highest quality services to our Customers we base our solutions on the comprehensive system service using state-of-the-art technical and design solutions.